Government of St. Petersburg

Committee on IT and Communications


The government of St. Petersburg works on improving access to e-government services for population and builds a dynamic IT infrastructure in St. Petersburg.

The Committee on IT and Communications has created and developed complex of e-Government in St. Petersburg.

It computerizes and, as consequence, improves functioning of public authorities and its interaction with each other. Within e-Government program there were successfully implemented intersectoral databases and integrated information systems. One of them is intersectoral computer information system Interagency computer information system of e-government service provision in St. Petersburg (hereinafter - ICIS EGS).

ICIS EGS provides electronic public service delivery through E-reception, an interactive service on information portal E-government services in St. Petersburg ( The Portal ensures access to several e-government services on-line and offers information on more than 350 e-government services. It has a feedback section, where citizens can share opinion on obtaining a particular service. Since the Portal was created it has had over 15 million users.

Additionally, ICIS EGS has become basis for a network of Multifunctional centers. By means of Multifunctional centers citizens can access over 150 e-government services. At the moment there are 34 Multifunctional centers in St. Petersburg.

Today, number of Multifunctional centers and e-government services provided by portal E-government services in
St. Petersburg
as well as Multifunctional centers puts St. Petersburg in position of leader in Russia and makes it a pacemaker in terms of accessibility and efficiency of e-government services provision.