Government of St. Petersburg

Committee on IT and Communications

Interagency computer information system of e-government service provision in St. Petersburg



Web portal of e-government services in St. Petersburg located on provides full information on e-government services available in St. Petersburg and ensures access to interactive services of e-Reception. Development, operation and expansion of Portal are carried out as part of the program of Creation of Interagency computer information system of e-government service provision in St. Petersburg The system as well as Portal are developed by St. Petersburg Information and Analytical Center.
System of information service to population

Information section of Portal provides the following opportunities:

  • Access to data and report making in Register of public functions and e-government services of executive authorities of St. Petersburg;
  • Description of specific services as directed by sector, situation or presented in a complete list of services available on Portal;
  • Step-by-step application instructions on how to apply for a public service;
  • Provided document forms to be filled out by applicant according to samples available on Portal;
  • Access to data on organizations providing e-government services;
  • Review of applicable legislation regulating the policy and procedures of e-government services provision in
    St. Petersburg (including administrative regulations).  

Additional Information Sections:

  • News
  • Useful links
  • Do you know that you have a right to…?
  • Useful information
  • Feedback

The information is updated on a daily basis. Over two years, E-government services Portal was used by about two million users.
E-services are provided in e-Reception, an interactive section of Portal. Nowadays, 72 e-services are available on Portal:
8 e-government services on benefits for families with children within the budget of St. Petersburg;

  • 2 services on “about myself” information - data about a citizen stored in departmental data bases of executive public authorities of St. Petersburg;
  • 2 registry office services: e-application for registration of marriage at district registry offices and wedding palaces, e-application to request civil registry documents from former Soviet republics;   
  • 2 services to monitor progress of e-government services provision: on applications submitted by the applicant to the Multifunctional Center personally (78 e-government services available), on applications submitted by the applicant via e-Reception (8 services).

The list of available e-government services provided via Portal is being continuously extended.