Government of St. Petersburg

Committee on IT and Communications

Cooperation with Regions

Committee on IT and Communications together with its subordinate enterprise St. Petersburg Information and Analytical Center work on creation and implementation of standard solutions for information and analytical systems. Effective ongoing projects in this field allow to demonstrate positive outcomes and deliver software and hardware solutions in several regions of the Russian Federation.   

Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region

In 2008-2009 Information and analytical system to monitor, assess, analyze, and forecast the drug use was successfully implemented in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region.

The system is an interagency database, it integrates information on drug use indicators from all responsible executive public, local, territorial federal authorities of the region as well as drug abuse and illegal circulation control authorities.

Currently the System is maintained on a regular basis. Its updating is scheduled for 2013.


Chechen Republic

In 2007 - 2012 Geographically distributed information and analytical subsystem of the automatic control system of the Chechen Republic was developed in the Chechen Republic.

It is a distributed scalable system comprising a Technological Center and information and analytical systems of executive public and local authorities of the Chechen Republic.

Currently, 29 computer objects are launched into pilot operation.

Apart from this System, the following projects have been developed in the Chechen Republic:

· System of e-government (municipal) services provision.

Its main objective is to provide e-government services in the Chechen Republic with the use of ICT:

• e-government services provided through Multifunctional centers of e-government services;

• e-government services provided online on E-government services portal of the Chechen Republic.


· Interagency electronic interaction system

Interagency electronic interaction system is intended for information interaction between authorities and organizations responsible for provision of e-government and municipal services and performance of e-government and municipal functions.

· Integrated paperless workflow system

The main goal of Integrated paperless workflow system is a higher efficiency of records management, promptness of document handling and decision making, higher personnel management, performance discipline and document exchange by using advanced information technologies.

· Electronic address system of the region settlements

The main purpose of the electronic address system is a higher efficiency of information and analytical activity of the Chechen Republic authorities by providing updated and exact information on the housing property location, urban (rural) economy and infrastructure, their semantic description, and timely and precise information on cartographic layers for dynamic development of the Chechen Republic infrastructure.


Altai Region

In 2011-2012 Information and analytical system of Situational Center of the Governor of the Altai region was developed and launched into pilot operation. The system was created in view of successful implementation of Situational Center of St. Petersburg and used to integrate information resources of public, territorial and federal authorities of the region. Situational Center of the Governor of the Altai region system includes E-office of the Governor, subsystems of day-to-day and strategic monitoring and management, subsystems of execution control and Geographic information system of the Altai region.


Kursk Region

In 2013, the development of Information and analytical system for Dmitriev District of Kursk region was started. The main purpose of the system is information and analytical support of decision making process of the district administration, computerization of district units’ activities, and informing the residents on the activities of the district head and administration.

  All implemented projects access remote administration, maintenance and technical support services.