Government of St. Petersburg

Committee on IT and Communications

Committee on IT and Communications

Dear citizens of St. Petersburg,

Social and economic development of St. Petersburg is to a significant extent driven by large-scale implementation of information and communication technologies (ICT) in all sectors of the city life and activities. The Committee on IT and Communications of St. Petersburg, which is an
executive public authority of the city, plays an important role in enabling this process.

The Committee is responsible for pursuing public policies in the field of information technologies and communications, information management and telecommunication resources
of St. Petersburg, ensuring information security and protection of classified official data pertaining to the activities of the executive committees of the City, as well as defining the framework of operations of the local public institutions in this specific area.

The Committee performs its functions in accordance with the Strategy of social and economic development
of St. Petersburg, that describes the necessities and delineates the rudiments  and conditions to form  information society on the basis of transparency and effective interoperability of all stakeholders.

I am sure  that the Committee's endeavors in shaping up the proposed common information society in St. Petersburg will facilitate our joint efforts in maintaining the high academic and technological rating of our city and will place it among the top world metropolitan ICT leaders.

Chairman of the Committee