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Mobile multifunctional centers have started to run in St. Petersburg

On November 14, 2011 the first mobile multifunctional center (MFC) providing public services in St. Petersburg was opened. It has become a unique project, since it has only few analogues in the country.  Mobile MFC allowed to solve two important tasks: to ensure availability of public services in the most remote districts of the city and give support to stationary centers during rush season. The center serves from 10 to 40 customers a day.

Functioning of mobile multifunctional centers is performed in accordance with administrative regulations of public services provision, developed by executive public authorities of St. Petersburg. The center provides 160 public services, including 150 regional and 10 federal services. The most common are social and public utility services (i.e. child allowances, public utility benefits etc), as well as applications for health insurance policy, issuing or replacing of passport.

Mobile and stationary multifunctional center differ from each other by their operating hours. Mobile MFC works on weekdays from 10.00 to 20.00 according to schedule, predetermined by municipalities. Information on MFC operating hours you can get in administration of municipalitis. It is planned that mobile multifunctional center will regularly go to all the remote areas of St. Petersburg.

17 November 2011, 15:11

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