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IAIS registration instruction now available at St. Petersburg public services portal

To access electronic services on the new version of St. Petersburg state and municipal services portal:, user have to be authorized using Identification and Authentication Integrated System (IAIS).

If the user has no IAIS account, the primary online registration and identity verification are required.

Detailed video instructions are available here:

Background information on IAIS:

The system was developed by the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation in order to organize and centralize the processes of identification, authentication and authorization.

Main goals:
- Access to electronic resources and services provided to all government websites without having to re-register, the system bases on of unified identification parameters using a variety of media: Insurance Number of Individual Ledger Account and password, e-signature, SIM-card or smart card;

- To provide access to state information resources for authorized officials of the executive authority through the IAIS;

- Authorization for departmental information systems for interdepartmental electronic interaction.

17 January 2015, 10:01

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