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A new version of the portal "Our St. Petersburg" is now operating

On January 19, 2015  "Our St. Petersburg» Portal ( was launched in the new version. We want to thank the caring citizens of St. Petersburg, who actively helped to improve the resource. We have tried to consider your feedback.

Now "Our St. Petersburg" helps solving problems not only in the field of housing and communal services improvement, but also in the field of violations in the area of the land and migration legislation, trade and construction.

We would like to remind that using "Our St. Petersburg" Portal, you can:

- Report on urban problems and monitor the improvement activities;

- Receive information about the objects of city infrastructure.

In addition, you can send a message on housing and communal services improvement, on the illicit trade objects, a violation of the land law, and report about the problem, which will be solved by particular officer in charge of the solution as soon as possible.

Additional responsibility for the messages of citizens is achieved through publicity - reports from citizens and their answers are posted on the Portal.

"Our St. Petersburg" is opened for dialogue with citizens. Link to feedback:

20 January 2015, 16:01

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