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Computer information system Civil Registry of St. Petersburg

Computer information system Civil Registry of St. Petersburg was developed by Information and Analytical Center of
St. Petersburg.
It is used by civil registry offices, wedding palaces, birth registry palaces and the Committee for Civil Registry of St. Petersburg. The system computerizes work of civil registry staff registering civil status in accordance with the Federal Law No.143-FZ of 15 November 1997 "On Civil Status" and current procedures of issuing certificates, notices and lists.

Civil Registry of St. Petersburg system allows:

  • to collect, store and process information on civil registry;
  • to issue copies of official registry documents;
  • to change civil registry documents per citizens’ requests;
  • to archive, search archived civil registry documents;
  • to accept apostilles;
  • to prepare statistical reports on functioning of civil registry offices in St. Petersburg;
  • to support interaction between civil registry offices and other authorities in cases, specified by current legislation.

Results of computer information system Civil Registry of St. Petersburg:

  • It significantly reduces processing time and improves quality of provision of public services on civil registry;
  • It reduces number of errors in civil registry documents and, as consequence, number of appeals to civil registry offices of St. Petersburg;
  • It provides reliable information on civil registry to executive public authorities and population of St. Petersburg including access to all archives of civil registry offices;
  • It provides secure storage of relevant information and archives;
  • It enables efficient information exchange between civil registry offices of St. Petersburg and other institutions authorized to request personal data on civil registry;
  • It ensures effective control and monitoring of civil registry procedures;
  • It raises awareness of citizens about activities of civil registry offices in St. Petersburg.