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Computer information system to provide life safety in St. Petersburg

Computer information system to provide life safety in St. Petersburg integrates resources of various geographically distributed information and technological systems. 

The purpose of System is to raise standards of safety and improve quality of management of event in the city both in everyday life and emergency situations.


System is used to coordinate activities of executive public authorities of St. Petersburg, federal authorities, local public authorities, specialized city services and population. 

The purposes are achieved by providing timely information on current situation of the city, possibility to reconstruct the course of events on the basis of backed-up information analysis as well as by reducing response time in case of crimes and emergencies.


The System operates both stationary and mobile surveillance and alert devices used to collect, process and transmit information on-line on current situation, on various people, objects and its state. 

As part of computer information system to provide life safety, Situational Center was created in St. Petersburg. The main objective of Situational Center is to provide information and analytical support to make decisions by the Governor and Government of St. Petersburg.