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Baltic ICT Platform


Baltic ICT Platform project was initiated within Estonia-Latvia-Russia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme. It was implemented in the period from January 2012 to December 2014 by a consortium of partners from Russia, Estonia and Latvia, including leading ICT companies, professional executive public authorities, universities and non-commercial organizations.

It is focused on the Programme region economic development through improving the level of communication between representatives of the business sector and executive public authorities by facilitating development of cross-border ICT services.

In order to reach the project overall objective an international network of ITC centers of excellence – Democenters – was launched to increase the level of ICT representation on the territory of the Programme region.

St.Petersburg Democenter was officially launched as an infrastructural platform for direct cooperation in the field of ICT. It provides informational and project-oriented support to developers and representatives of high-tech SMEs, searching for investments and ways of innovational products commercialization and integration into the systems of modern municipal infrastructure.

St.Petersburg Democenter unifies institutions from various spheres: executive public authorities, business sector representatives, universities and mass media. That gives possibilities
to implement experience and ideas exchange and make mutually beneficial business contacts covering the area of  St.Petersburg, Baltic States and Finland.  

The venue of St.Petersburg Democenter has all the necessary facilities to promote the most advanced ICT-solutions and disseminate information about innovations/startups through efficient presentations to partner-companies (leading developers and ICT-leaders, participants and hosters of innovational regional and international events) – that is the key element of a successful advertisement campaign.

The cooperation infrastructure developed within the project allows innovators to gain qualified support at all stages of projects development and integration: idea creation and its actualization during various events in the field of innovations, its integration and commercialization, technology transfer, informational support.

Within the project activities a number of researches was held on public e-services provision on the territory of the Programme region Estonia – Latvia – Russia and on European experience in the field of G2B и G2C services.

International exhibitions and conferences were organized dedicated to forming environment for development and harmonization of approached to ICT solutions creation and integration on the territory of the Programme region.

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