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Integrated multiservice telecommunications network

Integrated multiservice telecommunications network (hereinafter - IMTN) was implemented in 2002 under Decree of the Government of St. Petersburg No.227-ra of 19 February 2002 "On development of integrated multiservice telecommunications network for executive public authorities of St. Petersburg".

Integrated telecommunications infrastructure, created within IMTN, allows:

  • to organize coordinated and centralized management and use of public computer information systems' databases;
  • to ensure information security;
  • to combine city services and organizations into integrated information system for efficient cooperation based on modern IT both in everyday activities and in emergency situations;
  • to connect executive public authorities and its subordinate enterprises into integrated telephone network, thus reducing its dependence on third-party operators as well as cutting costs for services, leased lines and communication channels;
  • to provide broadband high-speed Internet access to education institutions of St. Petersburg.

At the moment, over 2000 executive public authorities, its subordinate enterprises and city institutions are connected to IMTN.