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Integrated emergency trunked radio system

In accordance with Executive Orders of the Governor of St. Petersburg No.49P of August 26, 1999 and No.50P of November 13, 2000 Integrated emergency trunked radio system (hereinafter – IETRS) is currently being developed. 

The main objective of IETRS is to ensure efficient radio communications facilities and to anticipate, prevent and respond rapidly to emergency situations. Emergency trunked radio service is provided to public authorities, its subordinate enterprises, security and emergency services.

IETRS improves efficiency and operational flexibility of emergency services. It substantially reduces the waiting time of the emergency team to come and reduces emergency response time. The system facilitates efficient interaction between services of various departments integrated into system.

IETRS services are provided over 10 years in St. Petersburg and connected to over 2500 users. They are available in TETRA standard that meets the security needs of public safety organizations.

 The system is planned to be developed in the following areas:

  • Creating integrated communication infrastructure of all organizations and institutions that ensure life safety and health in St. Petersburg;
  • Ensuring interdepartmental interaction in case of emergency situations;
  • Increasing its self-sufficiency and overload tolerance;
  • Providing interaction with other departmental systems.