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E-Patient registration

E-Patient registration is a complex information system designed to computerize the process of making appointment at local clinics.

It was developed for extensive use in clinics and other health care institutions with focus on flexibility of its settings (being simple and universal).

Technically, e-Patient registration is a web application accessed through a standard browser which ensures its easy introducing and upgrading and reduces resource requirements on the side of user.

Specific characteristics of e-Patient registration:

  • Developed algorithm of registration within health care institutions;
  • Possible registration of patients at other health care institutions (clinics, health centers);
  • Possible registration between inpatient and outpatient clinics;
  • Full integration between registration and bill procedures.

E-Patient registration is integrated to telephone service which allows to access additional functionality of centralized call centers and therefore ensures:

  • Improved accessibility to registration procedures (calls are queued, processing time for one call is reduced);  
  • Timely notification of patients about cancellation or postponement of the appointment (automatic calling up, text message notices);
  • Possibility of self registration via call center without call center agent.

Reporting mechanism of the system facilitates online monitoring of workload of health care institutions and comprises adequacy and efficiency of resource use.

Implementation of e-Patient registration software in several health care institutions of St. Petersburg has had its positive effect. Over first months it contributed to reducing queues at registration offices, cutting down number of bills coming from Health Insurance Offices and prepared the ground for management decisions in terms of resource provision at health care institutions. The key point of the system was the opportunity for medical staff and patients to make appointments both at their local clinics and other health care institutions.