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Geographic information system of Situational Center of St. Petersburg

In accordance with the Decree of the Government of St. Petersburg No.1505 of October 4, 2005 “On concept of computer information system to provide life safety in St. Petersburg” and the Decree of the Government of St. Petersburg No.216-rp of December 26, 2005 “On creation of Situational Center”, Situational Center of St. Petersburg started functioning in 2006.

One of the goals of Situational Center is to integrate information resources of St. Petersburg including cartographic data. By means of the regional budget there were developed over 130 cartographical layers on education, health care, culture and sport facilities.

To provide authorized access to integrated data of Situational Center Geographic information system of Situational center was developed. The system includes two client applications: thick and thin client.

Thick client performs functions similar to those of system of cartographic analysis of CISTEA (Computer information system for territorial executive public authorities of St. Petersburg). Supplementary functions of Geographic information system of the Situational center are:

  • Access to ZuluServer 6.0 cartographic server;
  • Registration of user’s activities;
  • Mechanism of formation and review of user theme colors;
  • Integration with external application - city system of CCTV.

Thin cartographic client is developed with the use of components of JBOSS and Zulu Tools application servers. To convert cartographic layers to graphic format there was created a special server component.  

Cartographic server (Zulu server and thin cartographic client of Geographic information system of Situational center) are located in Integrated multiservice telecommunication network (IMTN) of public authorities of St. Petersburg. It allows to provide authorized access to cartographic data of Situational Center to public authorities of St. Petersburg connected to IMTN.