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Integrated Multilingual e-Services for Business Communication


The project Integrated Multilingual e-Services for Business Communication – IMU was implemented in the period from November 2013 to November 2014 within the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the European Community on financing and implementing the Cross-Border Cooperation Program South-East Finland – Russia.

The main project objective is to ensure successful business communication between Russian and Finnish SMEs in order to meet the needs of commercial co-operation. It also aims at facilitating Russian-Finnish intercultural business interaction and providing the level of proficiency for adequate understanding of specific situations.

Within the project activities identifiable problems of using e-services in business communication in North-West Russia and South-East Finland were tackled. In order to cover all possible communicative situations and provide instruments for efficient communication between cross-border region citizens a complex of multilingual e-services (including a web-Portal, a call-center and mobile applications) was developed. The most advanced solutions of the leading Russian and Finnish companies in the field of speech technologies and e-translation systems served as its basis. All the launched solutions were filled with the most up-to-date linguistic content and tested by native speakers.

The project included piloting and promoting the multilingual e-services for business interaction, emergency communication and tourism. Its results were presented during the project Final conference in Kouvola and proved that facilitating the communication in a language environment helps to overcome current “barriers”, expands the base of business contacts and contributes to sustainable development of the Programme area. The core of the project was also to foster cooperation between Russian and Finnish entrepreneurs, travel agencies, expats, as well as wider groups interested in strengthening Russian-Finnish intercultural business interaction.

Solutions developed within the project foresee more effective use of ICT in the business cooperation which further the development of common information infrastructure of the Programme region as well as of Russia and the European Union. It meets the objectives of the public program of the Russian Federation Information Society (2010-2020), the EU Lisbon Strategy and Digital Agenda for Europe.

Integrated Multilingual e-Services for Business Communication contributes to a more efficient use of ICT in the daily life of cross-border regions and common sustainable economic development of South-East Finland and Russia.