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Integrated intelligent platform for monitoring the cross-border natural-technological systems


Integrated Intelligent Platform for Monitoring the Cross-Border Natural-Technological Systems - INFROM project is realized in the framework of the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the European Community on the financing and implementation of Estonia-Latvia-Russia Cross-Border Cooperation Program. 

Results of human activity, consequences of major accidents and disasters can affect not only the country itself but also its neighboring countries. To reduce the risk of hazardous situations it is essential to establish the global monitoring with space-based technologies and to create a common information space monitoring to provide with objective information public authorities and organizations of Russia, Latvia and Estonia.

Integrated Intelligent Platform for Monitoring the Cross-Border Natural-Technological Systems INFROM project is aimed:

 - to develop an intellectual platform based on space monitoring results of the European Space Agency programs;

 - to form a common information space of cross-border countries providing public authorities and population with objective information on environment and natural technological systems to use in education, science, business, case management spheres etc.;

 - to improve the monitoring of construction and maintenance of geographical landscape rules and reduce the negative impact on the environment;

 - to get people involved in development of innovation technologies and use of space technologies.

The results of the project will enable to work easily with ground-space data for efficient and objective monitoring.

Within the project there will be developed a comprehensive infrastructure for monitoring cross border natural-technological systems. It will be used for environmental, educational and scientific research purposes, as well as purposes of social and economic development of St. Petersburg.

Today during the first stage of the project there were created some elements of infrastructure of space data access in St.Petersburg:

  • the North-West Center for Aerospace Monitoring was formed. It includes 7 scientific, industrial and educational organizations;
  • the Educational and Innovation Center of Space Technologies was opened in collaboration with the Federal Space Agency;
  • the Training center for  certified specialists on processing of Earth remote sensing data started to operate in the framework of the agreement with research and development center Skanex;
  • monitoring objects of Russia and Latvia were defined. They will be used to demonstrate technologies and services of ground-space monitoring for professionals and citizens.