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Interagency computer information system of e-government service provision in St. Petersburg

One of main responsibilities of public authorities is to improve quality of e-government services provided to the population and increase their accessibility. Over the last years, the Committee on IT and Communications of St. Petersburg has worked on implementing and expanding the system of e-Government in St. Petersburg. To computerize e-government services provision in St. Petersburg there has been created Interagency computer information system of e-government service provision in St. Petersburg (hereinafter - ICIS EGS).

Goals and opportunities of ICIS EGS:

  • Providing public e-services to citizens and organizations; 
  • Implementing "one-stop-shop" approach based on introduction of modern ICT;
  • Ensuring interaction between multifunctional centers, executive public authorities of St. Petersburg, its subordinate enterprises, Federal authorities and applicants in e-government services provision; 
  • Improving quality of services provided to applicants;
  • Reducing paperwork in e-government services provision;
  • Reducing cost in e-government services provision;  
  • Enhancing transparency of executive public authorities in e-government services provision;
  • Creating conditions that prevent corruption in public service provision.  

Main functional subsystems of ICIS EGS:

  • Portal E-government in St. Petersburg ( that has two sections: information section E-reference book and interactive section E-reception;
  • Subsystem to form and comply electronic administration regulations; 
  • E-Archive;
  • Subsystem to monitor e-government services provision;
  • Subsystem to ensure data security;
  • Paperless workflow subsystem of Multifunctional centers of public service provision.

Portal E-government services in St. Petersburg provides an integrated Internet access point to ICIS EGS. It offers information on e-government services available in St. Petersburg and procedures to obtain them, gives access to electronic services and allows applicants’ electronic interaction with executive public authorities and multifunctional centers.  

Starting from 2012 within the development of ICIS EGS municipal services provided by municipal authorities of St. Petersburg and subordinate institutions of executive public authorities of St. Petersburg are planned to be provided electronically.