Government of St. Petersburg

Committee on IT and Communications

Projects by area

Providing information to population of St. Petersburg

Telecommunication and information system is developed:

  • to provide information on the activities of the Governor, Government and executive public authorities of St. Petersburg in public places;
  • to offer information and reference services to residents and visitors of St. Petersburg improving service quality in tourism industry, health care and social assistance sectors;
  • to allow access to public services provided by executive public authorities to citizens, legal entities and individual businessmen in St. Petersburg;
  • to arrange e-Receptions of executive and municipal authorities of St. Petersburg which allows to send electronic requests to public institution City Monitoring Center


Services of Telecommunication and information system are the following:


  • Information on legal services;
  • Information on activities of executive public authorities of St. Petersburg;
  • Access to information resources of city services;
  • Public services provision;
  • Access to health care services;
  • Evaluation of activities of public authorities;
  • Phone service;
  • Emergency line;
  • Internet access;
  • Search of information per specified criteria;
  • Information interaction with computer systems City Monitoring Center and Computer Information System to provide life safety in St. Petersburg.


The above services are aimed at achieving mass coverage, i.e. not only PC owners with Internet access, but all others by means of multifunctional public service telecommunication facilities, located in public places.