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Innovation and business cooperation


Innovation and business cooperation project was launched within the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the European Community on financing and implementing the Cross-Border Cooperation Program South-East Finland – Russia 2007-2013. It was implemented in the period from July 2011 to July 2014 by a consortium of universities from Mikkely and Lapeenranta, non-commercial organizations and companies of the ICT field, profile executive public authorities of the cities of St.Petersburg, Lappeenranta, Kouvola and Imatra.

The project is aimed at enlarging cooperation between cross-border regions in the field of business and innovation. The overall objective was reached by: expanding the interaction between Russian and European universities and scientific research institutions, stimulating SMEs to enter modernization process, developing support system for export-oriented innovative companies, piloting and introducing social e-services, conducting competitions and exhibitions on innovation projects.

Within the project implementation there were organized European-Russian seminars, exhibitions and forums in the field of innovations; perspectives in the sphere of innovational entrepreneurship were analyzed; researches on models for higher educational institutions cooperation were held and conditions created for innovational and business cooperation between St. Petersburg and South-East Finland.

In order to complete the project goals most efficiently comparative analyses were held and based on its results a number of Recommendations for innovational and traditional companies were developed, fostering the process of entering international markets.

The universities cooperation concept was implemented within the project Finnish-Russian Innovation University (FRUI), communicational platform was developed for the institutions, trainings on investments were held.

A number of solutions was developed for assessment of companies requirements to business processes successful modernization and internationalization, a group of experts trained for consulting services provision to SMEs and enterprises in the field of fund-raising, activities modernization and internationalization.

The project was also focused on development and piloting of public services in the cross-border region South-East Finland – Russia. In order to identify the most required public e-services in the field of G2B and G2C a research was held, and its results were presented during an international seminar on public e-services. Mobile application St.Petersburg Public e-Services was developed.

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