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Improving social services

Improving social services project was launched within the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the European Community on financing and implementing the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme South-East Finland – Russia 2007-2013. It is aimed at social development of cross-border regions through improving access to on-line social services for Finnish and Russian citizens.

Improving social services project was implemented within the period from April 2011 to April 2013 by a consortium of universities from St. Petersburg and Lappeenranta, non-profit organizations, ICT companies, public authorities of St. Petersburg and Imatra.

On April 19, 2013 the final seminar of the project presented the main results:
•     study on the problems faced by the Russian citizens in Finland and the Finnish citizens in Russia was conducted; the most required topics for informational support were identified;
•    method for the specification and visualization of public e-service provision was developed. This method provides basis for informational support of public e-service;
•    special language to describe e-service provision processes was developed;
•    Web-system on information support of public e-service provision was launched;
•    7 brochures on the software and guidance of Web-system use were issued;
•    social network focused on communication support of citizens that face problems in neighboring countries was created;
•    three student schools and two conferences on visualization of social services were organized;
•    12 bachelor's and master's works of students participating in the project were prepared and defended;
•    5 articles  were published;
•    the book Information support of public service was prepared.

All developed learning courses and materials are currently used in educational process of the participating universities. A new achieved level of interaction between higher educational institutions contributes to more fruitful cooperation in various education, research and business projects, Finnish and Russian student and educators exchange programs, e-learning etc.

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