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Waste management project was initiated within the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the European Community on financing and implementing the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme South-East Finland – Russia 2007-2013. It was implemented by a consortium of partner-organizations from Finland and Russia, supported by profile executive public authorities in the period from March 2012 to September 2014.

The main objective of the Project is to develop modern sustainable waste management system. The system allows to analyze recycling technologies of industrial and domestic waste, study best international practices of waste management and involve scientific and public organizations to popularize them.

Within the project implementation more than 60 experts in the field participated in trainings and thematic seminars, visited waste processing enterprises in Finland, that improved their level of competence and facilitated the process of best international practices integration into the sphere of waste management.

Project materials (providing informational support for citizens on the correct ways of waste processing)  were issued in big circulations and disseminated among representatives of the target audience in St.Petersburg.

Experience exchange was implemented between the Russian and Finnish experts, Recommendations were developed for Committee on Municipal Improvement of St.Petersburg, more than 20 scientific researches held in St.Petersburg and in Finland. Trainings were organized by experts from Finland for Russian specialist in the field of waste management (representatives of Committee on Municipal Improvement of St.Petersburg, universities, waste processing enterprises, volunteers etc.). A number of informational trips aimed at experience exchange to the waste processing enterprises in Finland were held, including:
- trip of the specialists of waste management filed, outer experts and St.Petersburg volunteer movements representatives to the organizations working with waste processing technologies (Kouvola, Vantaa, Helsinki),
- experts visit to Ammassuo Landfill in order to get familiarized with the latest technologies for solid domestic waste processing and dumping (Espoo),
- visit of experts in waste management field and representatives of Natur Produkt  (one of the leading Russian periodicals in the field of ecology) to enterprises working in the field of waste management (Helsinki).

One of the project key results was the launch of Waste Exchange web-Portal ( as an essential part of the waste management and experience exchange system, implementing the following functions:
•    integration with the Regional Waste Inventory;
•    provision of database on organizations working in the waste management field;
•    placement of structured announcements on waste sale and purchase, equipment and materials, services provision;

•    provision of relevant announcements while filling reports into the Regional Waste Inventory;
•    publication of news and thematic materials, related to events in the field.

On September, 10th, 2014 the project Final Conference was organized in the General Consulate of Finland. The results of conducted researches were presented, functional of the developed web-Portal was demonstrated.

The web-Portal became an essential part of the waste management system of St.Petersburg and is currently supported by Committee on Municipal Improvement of St.Petersburg.

More information on the project and its outcomes can be found at: