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Web portal Consumer protection in St. Petersburg

The Committee on IT and Communications of St. Petersburg in cooperation with Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg and United Russia deputy fraction develop a new information system that will include city interactive portal Consumer protection in St. Petersburg and computer workplace of deputy reception. 

System aims to accomplish a wide range of tasks:

  1. to improve efficiency of executive and legislative public authorities as well as municipalities in the field of consumer protections, to support management decisions aimed at ensuring efficient consumer protection in St. Petersburg.
  2. to make executive public authorities of St. Petersburg open and accessible to city residents on the issues of consumer protection.
  3. to enhance efficiency and transparency in solving problems identified in the complaints of the applicants. 

Implementation of this information system will encourage consumers to send their requests online, monitor its progress and receive clarifications. It will also help to ensure effective monitoring of appeals on consumer protection for further use both by executive and legislative public authorities.